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ive had this horrible toothache due to a infected tooth for 3 days now. ice was the only thing that would instantly stop the pain so i kept drinking cold things hopping that would make it go away but i was wrong. what has stopped the pain completely was hot water with salt!

boil some water and mix with cold water until you feel its safe enough to put in your mouth( but still Hot!). then mix it with a lot of salt and swish. the pain when the hot water hits your tooth its gonna be crazy but keep doing it. after a while you will start getting used to it and you are gonna start feeling the throbbing slowing down and the pain going away. my toothache has been gone now for a day :) hope i helped.

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Ok so the hot water idea sounded like absolute torture and trust me it's sore like oooober oooober sore but it fixes it so if you find that the only thing that makes the toothache go away is cold water, boil water add salt and start with the realisation you will want to kill me after doing do it once twice three and four times and then :)


hey, that cold water thingy is happening to me right now, its like my toothache loves cold water. It does an instant relief but, after 15~20 seconds the pain will rise again and i will reach to my bottle and drink cold water and spit it when its not cold anymore.

this is happening for a couple of days now(no decent meal and sleep). I am desperate to try that hot water with salt method. I hope it works


That's true!!

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