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Moisten a teabag in hot water. Place the teabag on the area or tooth that is abcessed. Then rub some vicks ointment on the outside of your face where the pain is.

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I had severe pain and swelling from an abscessed tooth. I put a moist tea bag between my tooth n gum. Left it their for a few hours and the abscess actually started draining...i rinsed my mouth out with salty warm took away the pain n most of the also taking antibiotics so the infection wont spread!!!


Dry teabag worked for me left it in for about 1 hour over abcess pain has eased a lot thank yoh


Trying the tea bag now


Chamomile tea worked fast for me. I was in pain one night and thanks to the Internet and the speed of research, I came across the tea bag method. Luckily I had teas in my house. So first I tried earl grey tea and nothing happened, next I tried chamomile tea and boom! Tooth ache gone! Just to be sure I did it two times that night and made sure I kept it warm. Witching 15 mins it was gone then I did it again in the morning and haven't had pain since. It's been around a month with no pain.

Nathan T

Poster above.. The abscess with come back. I went a record 5 months before it showed up, which is exactly now. Really no pain, but swelling and just general annoyance. Teabag worked months ago..and I had severe swelling. Get that tooth yanked and a root canal and be done with it. I gotta wait till monday (Naturally, it's friday).

Anon O’Mus

I have insurance through my work but my employer doesn’t offer the appropriate income to pay for dental work. It’s. So. Expensive. In 2012 a small piece my tooth broke off while eating. Couldn’t afford to do anything about it. The teabag worked wonders and got rid of the abscess and pain. Fast forward to two weeks ago and the remaining parts of the damaged tooth started to crack. Didn’t hurt at all, but scared the s*** out of me. Once the tooth split, it exposed my gums to jagged edges from the break and another piece eventually fell off. Now fast forward to three days ago - the front part of the tooth (20\\% left) is still visible and my smile line is still intact. I tucked a teabag to prevent infection as it started to form an abscess. The next day I pull teabag from my mouth and the remaining tooth is now hanging by the thread of my gums with my root still intact. Between this and oil pulling with coconut oil, my quality of life is much improved. Do this without insurance or if you’re poor. When there are no options, this will literally save your life and keep infections from spreading.

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