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Moisten a teabag in hot water. Place the teabag on the area or tooth that is abcessed. Then rub some vicks ointment on the outside of your face where the pain is.

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Charlotte NC

you're brilliant! its actually working! my abcess had started to spread into my neck and was really scaring me, but tea bags are actually pulling out the infection, thanks for the info!


Had an abcess start tonight just after dinner. Of course, it's the weekend. Took vitamen c, echinachea and goldenseal and asprin. Gargled often with sea salt and mouthwash. It was still getting worse. By 1:30 I was starting to debate driving the half hour to the hospital. Found this site. I brew all my tea from loose leaves but found a few earl grey bags. Tucked one each, dry at the front and back of the abcess and 20 minutes later pain started to go down. An hour and a half later I'm going to be able to get some sleep.



I tried this as a stopgap measure until my insurance kicks in and I can see a dentist...I was amazed at how well it worked! A dry teabag worked perfectly. I followed it by swishing my mouth with hot salt water, then a disinfectant mouthwash for good measure.

That Guy

I apologize for any typos or nonsensical sentences in advance; I've been awake for about 30 hrs now since I couldn't sleep through the pain. I just tried the green tea bags in my mouth, and so far so good. It has been about 15 minutes and the pain has subsided a bit already. I'm gonna have to go to the Dentist for an emergency visit though. I couldn't go yesterday when the pain started getting really bad, since today is payday. Now I'm still gonna have to spend rent money on a root canal since my insurance leaves me with $125 copay for root canals. I also have to pay another $250 - $350 if I want anything other than a stainless steel crown. Why does America still not have standardized health care?


I'm going to try the teabag thing tonight. I have a broken tooth thats abcessed. The pressure from my wisdom tooth actually broke it. I'm trying to kill the infection until my insurance kicks in. Just a side note for those of you who can't afford insurance...I know the feeling. Who has $200 to fork out every month? Try Careington. It's a discount dental plan and you can save up to like 60% on some procedures. Plus it's only like $7 bucks a month for a single person and I think like $12 a month for families. It's going to be a life saver for me because I still have to have my wisdom teeth taken out on top of the abcessed tooth.


I had two fillings done yesterday for my front teeth.The teeth are very sensitive and still hurt, and lip is very swollen.What can I do to help pain and lip swelling?


Had a root canal redone! Yech! Post-procedure had pain and infection. On antibiotics and aspirin. Tea bag treatment helps.


Dry Tea Bag DOES work. My tooth was pounding. I have been on antibiotics & codeine, was looking for anything that would work. Read the comments here & thought why not give it a try. Rinseing my mouth with salt water sent me to the moon with severe pain. Then I placed the dry tea bag on my gum. The pain was severe for about 10 minutes then it got better. After 1 hr I removed the tea bag & could no longer see or feel the absess. The pain did return about 2 hrs later & I done it again. When you need relief and quick - this will work.

Peerzada Ajaz Shah

it was 9.00 in the evening and i had a tooth ach couple of hours before, have abscess and swelling too, i have heard swelling makes pain less effective but in my case it wasnot so it altogeather opposite and the bad part of the story is that all shops and medical stores are closed because of strike as i live in kashmir it is part of life now. then i surf net for home remedy and i came across the teabag post, i first rinse my tooth by soda-b-carbonate, pain was relieved by 50\\% and then tea bag do miracle, i changed two bags for night, now it is ok and thanks to every one who suggested that i really donot remember who wrote that comment but any ways many many many thanks.


just wanted to say thank you
Used the teabag trick for about a half a day.
Abcess just drained .
Greatly improves my day ty.

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