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Moisten a teabag in hot water. Place the teabag on the area or tooth that is abcessed. Then rub some vicks ointment on the outside of your face where the pain is.

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you don't make it hot you put a dry tea bag to draw the abcess out and it takes some time and this I know because my teeth are always getting infected and the hot or cold makes the pain worse if you put it in at night it's gone by morning I have 6 teeth that have to be cut out and I don't have the money to do it so I deal with the pain the best I can and the tea bag is the best remedy because I have tryed so meny things so thanks for letting say how I feel talk at you later people bye.


I tried the dry tebag method,only after 2 hours i noticed a difference in the size of the abcess going down.Unbelieveable but it works.Thanks


I was in the most pain I've ever experienced from an infected root canal treatment and was using Tylenol with Codine, Ibuprofen, muscle relaxants but nothing worked. I had also been on antibiotics for at least 36 hours and it seemed to be getting worse. I moistened a green tea bag and packed it between my tooth and cheek. (Before this I rinsed repeatedly with salt water and Sterisol - antiseptic mouth wash). After an hour I started to feel better and was even able to fall asleep (it was 6am and I'd been up since 1:30am). After 3 1/2 hours I woke up and felt 100\\% better, I took out the tea bag and looked at my mouth, there were little veins of puss all along where the tea bag had been - I couldn't believe it! I'm going to stick another one in right now and see if I can't get rid of some more.


trying this now as the pain is getting realy bad hope it works and if it does thanks in advance for the info


I tried this with two seperate teabags (a dry green tea bag and a moistened chamomile tea bag) over a seven hour period, and I'm sorry to say it did absolutely nothing. If anything, the swelling increased. Hope others have better luck. On my way to the dentist now...


This one worked like a charm. I have a tooth that has been broken in half for almost 2 years but I have NO money and no isurance so I've just had to deal with mulitple infections until I can find either a free clinic or insurance. The teabag began working in about an hour I just stuck it in between my cheeck and sore tooth and layed on the couch and watched tv. It still hurt a bit when the tea bag was in but when I pulled it out it was covered in puss and as soon as the bag was out of my mouth the pain was gone. I'm going to go ahead and keep another bag on it overnight while I'm sleeping though.


I wish I had some teabags to see if this works but it's 12:14am and I'm afraid I'm doomed for another sleepless night. I started an antibiotic (amoxicillin) at noon yesterday - every 6 hours, and I was so hoping by tonight the pain would be gone -- but it's worse than last night. I got some Eugenol at the drug store (tiny bottle for $5.95 - in a kit with filling material)and I think it's mostly oil of cloves - said to not use it more than 4 times a day!!!!! I've been using it about every half hour. It numbs it for about 12 minutes. Ibuprofin has done nothing. I think instead of getting a $1000 root canal and a $1000 crown, I'm just going to get it pulled. I can't stand this anymore.


Hello, Well in my pain I read to moisten the tea bag, but once I felt some relief I came back and read that it should have been dry. So far the moist tea bag has helped, but tonight I will sleep with a dry one and see how it goes. Thanks for the Great tip!


I tried the moist tea bag... and this work with in minutes... Pain is gone and swelling has reduced by half in like 10 minutes... and for the 5 cents a tea bag costs... makes it even better... thanks soo much!

Jake in Rapid City, SD

I tried this as well, and it worked well. But for an abcess such as mine (Three teeth, one is a wisdom tooth) I still had very bad pain. I actually punctured the abcess with a needle and THEN put the teabag on it. If you can take a little more pain from the needle, I'd say this was the best. The release of the pressure relieved my headache immediately, and within 5 minutes almost all of the pain was gone. I will not say that this is safe, nor will I say that you SHOULD do it. But it worked VERY well for me. Perhaps consult a dentist and ask if that would be a good idea before you do it. Also, I steralized the needle by boiling it and then soaking it in isoprpyl alcohol. Good luck with your situations, I know it's hard to deal. But we can't all afford dentists, I know I can't.

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