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I have had reoccuring BV for years. I would constantly have a discharge along with a horrible, fishy smell. I finally found what works for me and Ihope it works for you as well. Instead of only taking showera, like I was recommended by my OBGYN, I now take baths more often. I pour about a cup of apple cider vinager into my water. (Not distilled or white vinegar) I also threw away ALL and I mean ALL of my old undies and bought all new 100% cotton underwear because it helps the air to flow and allows it to breathe. I also bought a probiotic called Acidiphilus which helps with maintaining the healthy bacteria inside of the vagina. I feel so much better now that I found my home remedy. I hope this helps you on your journey to having a healthy vajayjay!

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Brittany J

Hello. Does that cider in the bath burn at all? I don't have any smell or discharge just a lot of burning.

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