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Hello, i am 46 years old and had GH for 20 years now.. I actually get it on my nose. I was reading forums about home treatment, and was intrigued when i read LYSOL works... So i decided to try it. Unreal, the outbreak doesn't even have a chance to break out..goes away in half the time.. I have used it now 3 times, and get the same fast relief.. The can reads right on it that it kills Herpes. Hmmmm. Who would have thunk it. Thank God i read it, and hope it works for you.. Oh,ALCOHOL and Stress is what make me have break outs.. Good luck All

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Hia I got diagnosed tuesday i am devasted, but you said lysol im in the uk whats lysol and i will give anything a go!


So your saying you spray lysol on your genital area?? Is that safe I mean if it works ill give it a go for sure.


Did you put the Lysol down there too and how?


How do u get it on your nose? I want to try it on my two and a half years old but don't know how I would even put it on his nose?


you could spray it on a q-tip then apply??

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