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OK. I've had this crap for a year or so and it sucks. I've tried all kinds of stuff and nothing worked until last weekend.
I shaved the area. Then purchased those little cotton pads that women often use to remove makeup and a bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar(I'll refer to this as ACV from here on).
I just starting rubbing the area with the ACV and letting it air dry 3 or 4 times per day. I don't have time to clean the area before I rub ACV on it. It apparently doesn't matter. It stung like hell the 1st 2 times, but it's worked. The urge to scratch is gone and the slight discoloration is going away. It doesn't smell great after being in your underwear all day, but ultimately that doesn't matter. Just thought I'd share. The shit worked.

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Did the same thing before even reading this!!! It worked almost over night. Use the organic stuffn it'll work even quicker and doesn't smell to much. Rinse it before sleep and free ball to sleep in a cool air conditioned room. Aha and yes it does burn but def works!

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