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Hey, I don't really have a remedy, but this blog has made me feel so much better about my situation. I was just diagnosed with herpes a few days ago and I honestly thought I wanted to die. The emotional pain was one thing but the physical pain may have topped the emotional pain. The only relief I have found is just smothering the blisters in vasaline. I know that may be bad because your supposed to keep them dry but it's the only relief I can find... But am I making it worse????

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use gold bond powder medicated... it provide a cooling relief and keeps it dry to help healing.

help itch other

hi there, just want to share this to you, here is my suggestions for those with gen herpes based on my experience.. if you think you will be having some blisters, put apple cider vinegar on affected areas, that will help to burst the blisters with less pain, then every time you take a bath use baby oil on the affected area, oil will also prevent blisters to appear and feel comfortable. ive been doing that for two years and its effective. I also take lysene tablet 1000mg twice a day before meal, but im trying now to limit it so it will not affect my kidneys. 95% this will help you.


I understand your struggle and clearly you are not alone. Don't let it slow you down just learn from it. I've used shea butter and it soothes it too. Doesn't cause a problem for me. Try a little of everything to see what works for you. ;) good luck

Herpes Hater

I was diagnosed with HSV2 about the 8th month into my pregnancy about 2 years ago. The ex was nice enough to have it and share it with me without my consent.

The first doctor thought it was a yeast infection. The 2nd time I had an OB, my regular Dr. took one look and knew what it was. BUT, a culture was taken anyway and it was confirmed to be the dreaded HSV 2.

Anyway, I was put on Acyclovir (sp?) and decided to halt the use of it since I didn't want pharmaceuticals in my body, much less not knowing what it would do to my baby. (You can just have a C-section if you happen to have an OB at the time of delivery, so a Rx isn't entirely necessary).

By the time I suffered through a 3rd OB, I was at my wit's end. I finally decided I was going to smear those blistery bastards in raw organic honey...what could it hurt?

Not only did the pain subside, but my duration was cut significantly, and they were gone in just a couple of days.

So now, when I feel an OB coming on, I slap a panty liner on and grab a disposable wooden Popsicle stick, scoop out a small amount of honey, and gently apply it to the painful area. The honey isn't as uncomfortable as you may think and isn;t as messy as you might imagine. It is also pretty effective for athlete's feet and skin wounds.

It HAS to be raw, organic (unrefined/unprocessed/untreated honey) I use YS raw organic paste honey. Manuka honey might even be better than that, but I'll stick to what works for me.


Hi, it's been a year since I got diagnosed with Herpes. I'm 20 and try my hardest to not let it get the best of me. Which it hardly does, when I don't have an outbreak I can live my life like it doesn't exist. But when an outbreak occurs I'm not myself, ashamed, embarrassed, and in pain.
My outbreaks have usually been mild and easy to pass and I can tell when they're beginning. But at the moment I'm suffering with this one! Seriously in so much pain! It's sprung on me and on a weekend so no where I know is open to get any treatment which I'm desperate for. It's 4:30 am and I'm in tears when typing this, I have no tea tree oil or anything some of you suggested in the house so my pain relief has only been warm water and I'm too scared to wee as the pain is that much I can't handle it.

This is a horrible virus and it really affects your emotions. This forum has helped me not feel alone and ashamed, I would never ask this upon anyone! I feel so angry towards who many if given me this but as the doctor told me that I could of passed it from a cold sore on someone's mouth ages ago and it only just caused an outbreak I don't feel like am allowed to be angry. I also worry about finding love as how can any love me when I have genital herpes? How do you tell someone that without them judging you thinking your s
A 'whore' I have always been safe with partners and not had many of them. I guess I'm just unlucky. But please someone help me, can A&E help with this on a Sunday? I can't bear anymore.


i feel as you do this blog is a godsend. this is not the kind of topic you can just talk about with anybody. although i just wish there was a cure already i am thanfful to be able to cry on this blog!

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