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I tried the half and half mix of 3% hydrogen peroxide and water douche, and after only one go of it was completely relieved of any unflattering odour. So happy It has been ages since I have felt so comfortable. Thanks for the remedy, wish I had heard of this months ago!

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Brittany j

Does that hurt at all? I have the boring sensation I don't want to make it worse lol

Finally free of BV

I was suffering with BV for years and nothing worked permanently..I finally tried the half peroxide/half bottled water douche and it worked right away.I didn't have sex for 3 days to make sure.But since I did that 5 months ago I haven't had anymore problems....unless I overload on dairy products....weird, I know.I'm not a doctor but somehow they have to be linked.But I just do the douche again and I'm fine.My cycle has been alot less painful since the peroxide douche as well. The first time does burn a little but I just took my shower head off and rinsed with cold water.No more liners,sex avoidance, harsh anti bacterial soaps,powders or clothing restrictions.I really finally feel free.I am very private but I decided to post bcuz maybe it will help another woman not to continue suffering and paying countless doctor bills like me.

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