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Living in the South

Living in the South means living with things like Chiggers, ticks, fleas and other bad insects. But anyone who has ever had the displeasure to have been bitten by a chigger, knows all-too-well
that Chiggers are nasty little misery-makers!
That said, I am very sensitive to all insect bites -particularly CHIGGERS! After years of trying ALL the recommended remidies listed here, the
truth is, everyone of us are different and what works well for one person will NOT work for another person. I've tried them all.
That said, it's important to use very
extreme caution when trying any of these 'feel-better' remedies, and here's why:
I tried the 'bleach thing' some years ago, and I sustained bleach burns, same thing happened with hydrogen peroxide and nail polish remover. Clear nail polish does nothing but burn, and leaves you with a nasty red mark that can be sore for days. Things like Chiggerex are fine, but only lasts an hour or so.
The things that really DO WORK for nasty chigger bites: Listerine for immediate relief, then bathe, then apply Calidryl, Campho-Phenique or other topical treatments that works best for you. Take an antihistamine like; benedryl if you experience severe itching & pain (like I do) as this will help to relieve the irritation more -Long Term. I, personally take Sudafed PE sinus-headache as it works great for me.
The important thing is to always bathe in COOL (NOT HOT) water with a mix of about 2 cups of sodium-bicarbinate (Baking Soda) per halh tub full of cool water, soak for 10-15 minutes this puts balance back into the PH of your skin, then blot (don't rub) dry. The hot water may feel better, but it will actually make it hurt worse after the bath because it inflames the already inflamed bites!
Next, apply the topical treatment of your choice (Caladryl, Campho-phenique, chiggerex, etc) and take an antihistamine. This is your best defense against the awful pain and itch of chigger bites. I personally get the BEST RELIEF (after the bath) by applying caladryl with a cotton ball directly to all of the affected areas, as it cools and soothes for hours and hours, then I take 2 Sudafed PE Sinus Headache tablets (Wagreen's equivalent) for pain relief, it works just GREAT!
(Please remember that Sudafed contains tylenol in case you take a blood thinner, you could use benedryl instead or ask a pharmacist for help).
I hope this helps you as well as it did for me.

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This is not home remedy this is store bought crap thanks for nothing


Thank you so much for this! I can actually follow the steps on here! All of the other websites did stuff I know my mom wouldn't let me do. I'm thirteen and was playing in the woods with some friends when I got the bites. Thanks again! (This other dude isn't very nice though)


Also, can I put cortisone on them after I get out of the bath instead?


You can put cortisone on them after the bath but like her calamine works better for me. I also will use aveeno baby eczema soak in a cool bath.

Living In The South

Hello, To answer your question about using cortisone (hydrocortisone) I would say sure, you can use the cortisone if you find it helps. Cortisone contains a steroid that may actually help you heal faster, however, I can't say whether or not it will help with the itching. maybe you could try applying some listerine before applying the hydrocortisone cream and see if this gives you the relief you're after.
Good luck.


I just went to texas to visit family and i think i was biten by a chigger, but im not sure, it looks like the bites that are on google. I am from the desert and have no idea about wierd. bugs like this , the bite itself is like a blister with a big red raised itchy rash like thing by it, it hurts like hell too. I am using cortizone cream on it but it still is really itchy, does anybody know of something else that will help the itch ?


Thanks, I have tried might near everything..I will try bathing in the baking soda because the bleach and other things I have tried haven't helped. I did put some Vick's on earlier and it seems to be helping it is actually cooling me down .


The Sudafed sinus headache might have Tylenol in it but regular Sudafed doesn't

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