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The best remedy I have found for fever blisters and cold sores is L-Lysine 500 mg tablets. At the onset of the 'tingle', take 1000 mg of Lysine twice a day the first day; then 1000 mg daily until it is gone. I continue to take 500 mg a day for a couple of weeks just to make sure it has gone. The fever blisters and cold sores are caused by Herpes Simplex 1 virus and the lysine inhibits the virus' replication ability.

If you travel overseas, take lysine with you, because it may not be available in the country you are visiting. I am in that situation currently (hitting head against the wall), but I am going to try the aspirin/alcohol paste. Thanks for this site.

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The best thing for fever blisters is Savlon Cream would you believe! I have been battling with these for years and nothing seemed to work! I tried this and the healing time was amazing, just a few days! one appeared on my lip again 2 days ago so I quickly grabbed the savlon and its kept the swelling down and is almost gone! mine usually swell up so much that I look like somebody has smacked me in the mouth! please give it a go its amazing!!


L-Lysine is the best!!!


What about children's w/ fever blisters


I take 1000 mg of Lysine every day, but still get fever blisters all the time (on average I get 2-4 per month and have been getting them for about 20 years). I guess the Lysine doesn't work for everyone. Also, my ex-boyfriend used to take Lysine all the time too, and would constantly get cold sores (he's the one I picked up the virus from, so it must be an especially strong case). Just letting everyone know that the Lysine may work for some people, but not for everyone.

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