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So all I keep hearing is peopleusing boric acid so Ibrought Boric Acid and it said for farm and household use. I was furious, not because its expensive but because why would someone even mislead a female like that?

However, I kept seeing posts about it so I did some research. Boric Acid has been used for generations to cure infections. Why it doesn't say it on the bottle? I don't know, maybe the government wants us to stay sick and use antibiotics that make us MORE sick.

So I took a HUGE leap of faith and decided to put Boric Acid in pill capsules (I just open old vitamin C pills capsules) and I just inserted it one night. Trust me I was petrified, I thought my uterus would fall out lol trust me I thought the worst.
But I didn't feel a thing, no pain nada.

The next morning my underwear wad soaked with discharge, but I didn't get excited because I tried every remedy and most of the outcomes were like this but never lasted. But taking a shower I smelled NOTHING, no fishy odor. So I took the Boric Acid for the next 3 days and the thick chunky discharge was slowly getting back to normal I can feel it in my fingers and see it getting clearer. The odd smell the discharge use to have was gone and the fishy smell when I use soap in the shower was gone.

However, with the remedy I started taking Femdophilius Pills and Ultimate Flora Vaginal Support 50 Billion that I ordered off of because it comes with an icepack to keep the live bacteria alive. Amazon does not provide that. You can even get $10 off your first purchase if you use this code BMD354.

Trust me this has been working like a charm however my period came so I haven't been able tocontinue but if anything I shall update. But even during my period there was NO FISHY odor.
I feel this is the most help that anyone can give a girl with this problem. Trust me I was skeptical about Boric Acid too but it has helped me more than anything else. You can even insert one of the ultimate flora capsules in your vagina one night.
You don't have to follow everything I did step my step but use the information here to find your owncure. Do your own research not everything is gonna work for you, were all unique, but keep searching and you will.

Have a great day

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I tried a lot of home remedies too but BORIC ACID is my choice as well. I insert one capsule (home made) in vagina at night right after my periods. Repeat for 2/3 days and odor is gone!!!
I really enjoy this forum, where i found an answer that works for me!

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