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you wouldn't believe it but it works. all you need is some coco-butter or tummy butter for stretch marks (same thing), ice or popsicle and a medium/soft bush or comb. rub coco-butter into hickey. grab the popsicle or ice (popsicle works bettter for this) rub popicle gently on and all around the area of hickey for a few mins then with a brush or comb, start bushing lightly in a circular motion. keep re-applying small amounts of coco-butter into skin and continue to essentially brush the coco-butter into skin. Keep repeating this process until you basically cant see it anymore (aprox 30-45 min depending on the severity of the mark. Hope this helps. Did wonders for me and for that, you wont get caught slippin' like i almost did. Good luck yall.

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