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Before I tell you how I cured my recurring vaginal yeast infections - ladies, please don't douche or put things inside of your vagina without consulting your doctor or the free clinic! It's really dangerous and can lead to much more serious infections. Instead, take a shallow bath in the remedy of your choice or apply it to the opening of your vagina. Now for the two things that changed my life (and my sex life) forever!!!!

1) My big salvation has been BAKING SODA! That's it! Before I discovered this I was having terrible itching/pain constantly for over a year, no topical medicine worked, and the Diflucan the docs gave me caused an overgrowth of lactobacilli that has the same symptoms as a yeast infection but is untreatable! Baking soda cured both. I keep a little jar of it in my shower and wash the outside of my vagina with it and I have not gotten another yeast infection since! When I first had the infections I washed this way twice a day, then once a day after the symptoms subsided (it immediately takes away the itch BTW). Now that I have my blood sugar under control though, as described below, I only wash this way once in a while. A couple of things to keep in mind... they are IMPORTANT!!!! DO NOT use baking soda if you have had bacterial vaginosis or other infections other than a yeast infection. DO NOT use baking soda unless a doctor has confirmed that you have been having recurring yeast infections and/or an overgrowth of lactobacilli (both have the same symptoms). STOP using baking soda if it causes unusual discharge. Baking soda works by raising the pH level of the vagina enough that the overgrowth of lactobacilli or yeast cannot survive. Raising the pH level can cause or worsen other infections such as BV though if it kills too many of these healthy organisms and allows others to take over. I never have had BV and all my infections have been 'acidic' infections, so this remedy works wonders for me.

2) As others said, control your blood sugar. I was already really healthy, but I went on the Atkins Diet and holy cow what a difference! That was when I was able to stop using baking soda. You don't need to do such an extreme diet though, just switch to whole grains and cut out added sugars, maybe cut down on the amount of fruit and grains, and it will make a big difference. I also had my hormonal IUD removed around the same time (for other reasons), and I read an article stating that they can make it harder to control your blood sugar, so that may have helped too, I can't be sure.


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Seeking Help

Ok so I had a YI and it seem to have gotten better... I use OTC Meds for it but I'm still having a slight irritation on the outside of my vjayjay... I guess because I didn't use the cream that was for the outside... so I decided to try the baking soda wash and at first it stung but then I had instant relief... is that normal and how long does it usually take to fully work... and also is it common to have a slight rash on the vjayjay (vulva)?


thank you Im gonna try this!


I will certainly try this. Fyi--reoccurring YI can also be caused by Candida or Candidiasis. An overgrowth I in the body of the fungus. So eliminating ANY sugar in your diet is essential to getting rid of this. Among many other restricted items in a diet but mainly sugar.

Ladies look it up, the symptoms are many and among them are recurring vaginal infections.


FYI BV is an 'acidic' infection. Baking soda is alkaline. It lowers pH. Your 'facts' are completely backwards, entirely untrue.

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