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I get them all them time, I know my triggers are stress and sun. So sunday, I got really red I forgot to use my essential lip balm. Monday came my bottom lip was tight I knew it was coming so I took 1000 mg L-lysine.Tuesday I didnt feel anything, I should have taken a couple of lysine.So I wake up wed and bam! My whole left part of my lip was swollen, red, and painful. I took a 1000 mg lysine, 475 (x2) goldenseal and echinach, a super b complex, and 800 mg vitamin e. Used Lysine + lip balm. By afternoon its starting to shift into blister.formation. I ice it. I also take a benedryl and another lysine. Thursday, blisters still there hurts because the skin is taut. Still swollen also . So I did the same as before: lysine, 2 goldenseals, vitamin e, 1000 mg vitamin c, and 2 super b complexes, and put on lysine + balm. Looked for some more possible treatments and came across honey. It said I needed manuka honey, well I had plain old store bought clover honey. I put it on with a qtip, went and layed down for a little bit. I then.went and looked in then mirror it was amazing , not only did the swelling subside, my lip felt better, and it had progressed to forming a scab over it. it was like it completely skipped weeping. I continued putting the honey on throughout the day. Another lysine around noon. Another one before bed. I occasionally mixed the honey on my lip with the lysine balm. Today is friday, I slept with honey on, woke up early feeling parched, went amd got some tea, put some more honey on it, it felt dry and cracky, soothing after the honey. When I am fully ready to.get up I will still follow the same vitamin regiment, and the honey. With some luck it will completely disappear by tonight but I doubt it. when I am dumb enough to let my lips burn, eventually the whole bottom lip is included. So I already have multiple scabs formed. Just gotta wait for them to soften and heal or dry.up and fall off.

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