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I developed a bad case of toenail fungus. I was nursing, so I couldn't take Lamisil. I researched other options. Here is what I did:

(1) After my morning shower, I applied half-strength bleach with a Q-tip. At night, I filed away at the infected nail. After two weeks, a large portion of the nail fell off. I discontinued the bleach treatment.

(2) I soaked my toes in white vinegar for 15 minutes every evening. It was neither inconvenient nor expensive. I continued this regimen for six months. During this time I only wore open-toed shoes (no socks).

At the end of six months, I had a beautiful nail again. Voila. Five months have passed since I last treated my nail. No sign of the fungus.

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Yes, there just might be something to the bleach cure! I read about it on here and started applying bleach to my nails daily. So far the only difference in appearance after a week is that the bleach turned my nails very yellow. BUT it's allowed me to file the nails really thin (using a dremmel I got for my dog LOL) and close to the nail bed. I could never do this before because it got painful. So I feel as if the bleach is killing the fungus and can now penetrate enough to get to the nail bed. I've been applying straight bleach, now maybe I'll go to half strength.

Some backgound: I've had this stupid fungus for 20ish years on my little toe, and it's slowly spread to 3 other toes on the same foot over the years. I've tried pretty much every home remedy short of lamisil, including vinegar and tea tree oil consistently for over a year. I too have been pregnant and nursing for the last several years and was planning to give the lamisil a shot after I am done nursing my 10 month old.

I'll post my progress as it goes.


I have been doing the bleach treatment twice a day, plus slathering both my feet with lamisil cream before bed, for a little over a month now. There is a line of clear, thinner nail growing in at the base of the infected nails. I have a pretty bad case of this, so I figure it will take months to grow out. The new nail does not look perfect, but it definitely looks better. I am very encouraged.

I am pretty skeptical of all these reports of nails being cleared in just a few weeks. That isn't enough time for the nail to grow in, so I can only conclude that these people had a mild case or it wasn't actually fungus. Prior to my current last-ditch-before- lamisil bleach attempt, nothing else made a difference at all.

The only downside to this treatment is that the bleach (I have been using straight bleach) turns the fungal part of the nails a really yucky yellow. So I have been wearing my Keens instead of painting my nails and wearing flip flops, which I have done in the past.

I'll update again with the progress in a month or so.

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