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For a few weeks I was experiencing heavy cramping in my cervix. I went to my GYN & he tested me for STDs & did a pap smear. Results came back negative for STDs & a normal pap. He told me I probably just had a cyst & that it would go away...fortunately it did. Shortly after I began feeling a burning sensation in my vagina. To embarrassed to say anything much less make another appointment to my GYM I decided to go online and do a self diagnosis. 3 options came up Yeast infection, UTI or BV. Well I got meds for yeast & a UTI but the burning feeling was still there. So I googled home remedies for BV & found this website. One of the post talked about the Dr. Oz show. Basically saying that the reason why women get BV is due to a deficiency in Vitamin D! This made complete sense to me since I rarely eat fish or drink milk, & rarely get exposure to direct sunlight. So I bought some vitamin D gummies at my local supermarket, since I don't like swallowing pills. And I promise you in a matter of 3 days the burning sensation was gone! My boyfriend is a pharmacist...all I told him was that I self diagnosed myself with a vitamin D deficiency & that I was taking Vitamin D gummies. He suggested I eat yogurt, cottage cheese or some form of diary product because it helps our body absorb the Vitamin D plus as women we need the calcium to help with preventing osteoporosis. Unlike the other women I didn't douche but I was daily with feminine wash.i hhope tia post helps someone else experiencing the same symptoms I was.

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My goodness Thank you!!

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