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It has been been about 1 1/2 since I started panic attacks. This is ruining my life..... I live in vegas and the heat is the #1 cause of my panic attacks, I feel so alone and feel like nothing can help me. I am tired of taking xanex and want and need all the info I can get to start taking natural pills. I have tried to go to the doctor but because I am young she did not want to prescribe me xanex. I could have went to a crooked doc or got those pills on the street but I just wanted someone to just listen and paid good money to go to this lady. I just want this illness to go away.... this is serious and you just feel like the whole world is on your shoulders when you are having a panic attack. Any help on natural things to take? Please....

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So sorry to hear what you're going through! I've been struggling with anxiety myself... It's a nasty thing to live with. Valerian. 5000 mg dose of vitamin c, l-theanine with taurine, calms forte sleep aid, 5htp help like no other for me. With 5htp you may endup building a tolerance so you have to wean yourself off every other week for as long as you need to and start re-dosing again after that. Increase the doses by 50 my at a time. Valerian comes in tea and pills, I like both but I prefer popping the capsules and making tea out of the powder. Sweeten it or mix it win non caffeine tea :) also, I don't take all those things once, I pair a couple and mix and match. Except for the vktmin c, always take that.

Take your multivitamins, change your diet of its bad. Drink lots of water, all that truly helps as well.

Soothing music, happy music, comedies, a good documentary that gives me good, positive life lessons and lots of awesome knowledge. Books, all sorts - dramas, reincarnation, etc. all those help.

Two days ago I finished reading 'many lives, many masters' by Brian Weiss and wow - it has truly been making me see things differently and more positively. It's about a great psychiatrist and his patient, who through hypnosis remembers past lives,and by doing that her deep anxieties were cured.

I'm not really sure what to believe but regardless it's a great book - the more I believe the more my perspective changes.

Ginnyannie -at- gmail - dot com

If you or anyone else wants to chat - I'm a good listener!


By the way, I read the book for free online by googling the title and free ebook along with it. :)

I really hope I was able to help you.


You guys should give a try to what AnxietyGone said a few posts below, it has worked for me as well :)

Don't give up! Don't let it win.


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Try magnesium citrate.

I had anxiety problems all my life. This worked wonders for me.


Go back to school to learn how to spell. That would be a great way to distract yourself from panic attacks:)


Try the vitamin called 5htp. You can usually find it at Walmart. Works good. Google it to learn more about it and what it can do for u. U have to take it for at least 30 days to really start seeing a change

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