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I read here about using garlic and yogurt for yeast infections. I was very skeptical about placing a garlic there but I was desperate because the over the counter medication hadn't worked and the itching was driving me crazy. So, I went for it and tried the garlic and yogurt solution. As I read on the forum, I put a needle and thread through a single garlic,dipped that in plain greek yogurt and placed it in my vagina. It was instant relief, i couldn't believe it! I also put more of the yogurt outside my vagina. It was kinda messy, but it was so worth it! After the treatment, I was even able to ride on my bike and nothing happened! No more itching! I just wanted to thank this forum and the comments that helped me. I would definitely advice others to try this method!

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do you have to clean your vagina after you put yogurt and stuff up there or will it naturally clean itself?


how about male? how can i do some thing to my part.. I've been suffered for several month, i took antibiotics but it didn't worked.. what should i do??

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