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I've had problems with tiredness/fatigure for about 10 years now. I can drink tons of coffee or coffee energy drinks and still take a nap or fall asleep unintentionally. I've seen doctors and tried varies medicines, vitamen complexes, exercise, all kinda of BS.

What I find works is dextro-amphetamine, a highly controlled substance. Typically you'll need a doctor to prescribe this and it has to be written every month. If you live in the U.S. and aren't lucky enough to have health insurance you can order it online on sites such as Silk Road or Atlantis, but it's usually over-priced but still cheaper than paying doc/pharmacy out of pocket it most cases, but use caution and check the legality of buying such online within your jurisdiction. Your last/cheapest option would be to synthesize it yourself with some 2P and hydrochloric acid but that can obviously be dangerous and impercise so use caution and be aware of the risks and legal status of doing so.

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