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A few months ago I got told I had Genital Herpes. Worst day of my life. I feel like I have been itching ever since. I dont know what my mind is making up and what is really happening. I think about it every day and just when I try and get positive about the situation it hits me like a ton of bricks again.
This site is fantastic and really helps. I will be trying different ideas from this site. Thank you everyone.
Tea tree and witchhazel will be my first tries.
I would love someone in my similar situation to talk to. Im a 26 year old female. Sorry I know this isnt a forum for this but it would be great to chat to someone. Feel free to email me-
We will get through this..

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Hia i just got diagnosed tueday and im shocked, coz ive always been so careful! wht do you use, i got myself epsom salts and tee tree oil which sounds like it will be painful! anything else?


Hey I've been living wd it for 3yrz nw bt I'm gting threw to it hey n nebody need to tawk ur can get me on 0744342795


im your age and was also diagnoised a few months ago you can email me

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