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Glenn Dunwell

Bicarbonate of Soda dabbed on the ulcer will clear it up quickly. Dip finger in powder and apply to ulcer, leave for as long as possible. It will sting at first but will give relief soon after.

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this doesn't work thanks alot for making me go through pain that makes me want to cut my mouth out of my face. jerk.


Yeah, that's my Nana's home remedy too. It's heaps better than over the counter medicines, like Bonjela


That was REALLY painful.

Please explain how this is supposed to work,
because all it did for me was increase the pain and swelling, and make my ulcer go a really strange shade of white.


this tastes disgusting! but it does make the ulcer go down a bit^^


very painful yes, but after working through the first minute by banging the wall it got better :P I waited 10 min, washed my mouth. Then reapplied which was again painful but way less, I doubt it will help it heal, but now, 20-25 min after, I hardly feel the pain, before I was unable to focus on what I was doing.


This is one of the few remedies that actually works. For those who want to know why, the basic quality of the sodium bicarbonate will neutralize the acidic quality of the ulcer. This remedy (chemically-wise) should work way quicker than the salt remedy and doesn't hurt anymore than said remedy.


I wish i read the comments before i did this! It hurt like hell! Id rather cut my lip off then feel that pain again!


Just did this right now. My pain has dropped off 95%.

I don't know how longterm it is, but it worked for me short term like a charm.


Tried it, you're all pussy's. Sure it stings but it's not that bad! Tastes like crap more than anything. Don't think it had any effect in pain relief but possibly reduced the swelling.


I get really bad ulcers, and I put it on one on my tongue, and the first time I did it, my skin all over my body got red and splotchy with pain, but all the wiser, the second time I numbed it with orajel first, and then applied the soda. It didn't hurt at all and my skin didn't get red and splotchy. Plus, the soda really helps in reducing mine quickly. Normally I would get them for at least 10 days, and this went away in about 3. Well worth it for me.

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