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If you are reading this then it is too late for the first part of my advice this time but will help you avoid this terrible experience again. If you THINK you have gotten into any poison plant go take a cool shower and use IVAREST asap on your entire body. This breaks up the oils that cause the rash and will prevent the outbreak all together. Now that you have the rash you need to clean the oils off and keep it dry. If you do not have the money for this med (Avarest is only about $6 at Walmart (there are more expensive treatments that work extremely well but this works if you are diligent)) or you may not be able to get to a store soon, try this: Menthol in just about any liquid or semi-liquid like mentholatum will help break down the oils. If you don't have that, try Dawn dish soap to wash the entire area and then pat dry and keep dry. Anything that normally drys your skin can help until you get the proper treatment. Then use calamine to cover until the next time you need to treat it. Avoid clothing that rubs. Do not cover unless absolutely necessary. Good luck to you.

BTW, I have had poison Ivy and Oak since I was about 11 and once so bad that the steroid shot they gave me nearly stopped my heart. I had both eyes swollen shut and there was not a single inch of my body that was not covered in oozing blisters. The longest episode of rashes that I have personally encountered was about 2 1/2 weeks.

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raymond clifford

I had it once for 3 MONTHS and a shot of cortisone and prednisone had to be resorted to! This time they only gave me the Prednisone and it does not feel right? Will the dabbing help because the bleach is not working as good as it did another time ago?

Matt G

Potatoes. Super starchy ones like russets. Slice thin and let dry for 10 min. Place on areas with the rash and cover with tape overnight. In the morning remove and let breath during the day and use calamine. Repeat at night. Sucks up the puss and oils. This also works for infections. Learned it from a homeless girl. She has a home now though.


A friend bought me a bar last year and i was skeptical.To my surprise it worked.LOVE IT!


My son has it all over his face, is it safe to use this medicine on the face?

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