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My daughter had a full infestation of lice before I discovered them. We tried doctor's prescriptions, hand combing, everything. Finally, I ordered a hooded hair dryer from The Vermont Country Store...the old fashioned kind that gets very hot on high, and got a professional grade flat iron for hair that heats up to 450 degrees. I soaked her head with listerine, and wrapped her hair with plastic wrap. This was left on for 1 hour, then rinsed with denorex shampoo. I sectioned her hair into small loose pin curls and had her sit under the dryer for another hour, keeping it on high as much as possible, and moving the cap around every 15 to 20 minutes. Then I divided her hair into very tiny sections and flat ironed each section on high, coming as close as possible to her scalp without burning the skin. I repeated this every 3-5 days, each time washing all linens and clothing in hot water. We used conditioner in between treatments, and the heat surprisingly didn't damage her hair.
I know this sounds extreme, but she had a particularly resistant case. We struggled for months with recurrences. I hope this helps someone.

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thank you this was really helpful I have been trying to find something that works for my sister


That is way extreme!!!!!! My brother is a Doctor Listerine Original for 5 minutes wash as usual gone no questions at all that is it!

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