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Based on my first, and very recent uti turned kidney infection: smoke weed first.....calm down....relieves nausea and pain and calms you so u can deal with this.....i took a shot of braggs vinegar three times a day.....about 60-80 oz of water along with 2 cranberry pills three times a day....i also used offbrand migraine pills for inflamation and i have a slight caffiene prob so its helping me wean pop!!!!!! Water, and if really bored of aqua, drink unsweetened cranberry. Remember: sugar increases bacteria count!!!!! I felt better within one hour of forst dose of vinegar and pills. No doc for me!!!!

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If I had a joint I would smoke it! Thanks for the other tips too!


I used mary jane one night felt pain and nausa go away. Only thing is i have spainal stenios which o see a pain mang. Doc for cronic back pain. And now worried about going to appt. To pain doc cause he is such a prick and drug test. After two weeks of treatment with antibotics they have put me on a high dose of predison now cant sleep it been 4days and still have pain in one kidney that no matter how much water i drink and cranberry juice the pain was only relived when i smoked mary jane.


You do realize that THC is processed by the kidney once the fat it is contained in has broken down. This will likely worsen your pain. I'd recommend stop being a bitch and just pay more attention to your body -- kidney pain is something that worsens through ignorance... you don't just wake up one morning feeling terrible. Please correct me if I'm wrong about this.


I will correct that person actually I did wake up one day and just felt terrible pain and the only time the moaning and groaning from the pain stopped was when I smoked weed. It made it more tolerable so I can go to sleep or just calm down so that you can continue with the remedies without being in extreme pain


Have you heard of kombucha?

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