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Drinking pineapple-orange juice sooths a sore throat. It's great when you're on the go because it's easy to find and portable and requires no preparation.

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Heather Fenner

Pineapple has acid in it causing your throat to burn. Avoid all fruits that have acid.


I have a cold, started 2 days ago with burning in my nose, then went to sneezing and stuffy/runny nose and today I could feel it moving into my chest... I started drinking OJ last night (24 hrs ago) I take a multi vitamin everyday and I feel no better... I have a scratchy throat, chest 'hurts' and dry cough... Not too sure if it would have been worse w/out the OJ but I'll find out if this cold goes away fast.


oh, good god no!!! i drank orange juice and it hurt so bad!! thats the very last thing you want to drink on a cold...idiot


umm yes,this didnt do anything, EXCEPT BURN MY THROAT!!! Thanks anyways.


For a sore throat or a scratchy throat you should first gargle with warm salt water ( about a hafe teaspoon to 8 oz of water )gargling about four times every few hours and then take a teaspoon of hunny and shallow it after each gargling session . Home grown hunny is the best cause it kills bacteria.I'am from a family of fifteen children and mom alway done this to us, Her and Dad used alot of home remedys on us and were all still pretty heathty.Works like a charm.

Anonymous juice has acid might help when the acid goes burns because our throat has s whole bunch of gunk caked aroend the acid eats it away..but its not gonna take the soreness away..


yeah it burns but honestly this has worked for me. i drink oj everytime i have a sore throat!

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