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Hi guys I am a 22 year old female whom just been diagnosed with HSV-2 and I had a breakout last month had no clue, I thought it was a horrible yeast infection. So I treated it for yeast infection. It just wasn't going away. I had pain in my leg never happened to me before. It never dawned on me to take a mirror and exam my vaginal area, so I finally did and noticed a few blisters and a medium sized cut or leisure right under my vjj and above my rectum. It was the most painful thing I have ever been through in my life. I immediately went to the doctor the next day. The doctor immediately looked at the area and said Herpes without testing, it was the most horrific thing I could ever hear. I'm not the one to sleep around I have been with my boyfriend for almost a year now. They did a culture and blood test that confirmed. I received Valtrex and acyclovir cream I took it it for 10 days and wiped it away. The healing process was slow but I am very grateful to God for healing me. We don't know where I got it from and my boyfriend is negative. He has been such a blessing and a great support system these past few weeks. I was very sad and depressed and I cried for days, but after talking with my doctor and boyfriend, they explained that its just another disease its not going to kill me. It was a huge wake up call though. I was not the most healthiest person in the world and now having this new diagnosis has changed my life forever. I had to change my eating habits, take my medicine (I have a thyroid problem due to past cancer)have a history of bad immune. I research online and found tea tree oil helps. I bought it and put on blisters helped a great deal. I also bought a multi liquid vitamin supplement I take 2x a day enriched with Lysine and other anti viral fighters. I also take a dose of Bee propolis every other day. I have been free of outbreaks Thanks to God and taking better care of myself. I am learning that there will be struggles, you just have to keep your faith and live your life happy. We are not bad people, we just so happened to run into an obstacle in our life. I'll be praying that everyone stays outbreak free for the remainder of their lives. God Bless everyone!!

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I seriously cried reading your comment, I was diagnosed 3 months ago and I've had 4 outbreaks ever since. I use to be very healthy and extremely fit with exercising. But ever since I was diagnosed I've gotten really depressed and I no longer care for eating right and exercising. I really wish I could be as positive as you that's why ur comment got to me. But I'm glad I was able to read ur comment and because of you I'm going to try to see life the way you do, thank you for sharing your story god bless u :')


Your story sounds just like mine! I found out about 5 months ago and am now having my 2nd OB since :( I used lemon balm capsules and that helped a lot last time but because you can't use the same remedy every time I found this site looking for others. I kind of want to switch up treatments just to make sure I don't get immune to one too quickly. I plan on joining a gym and taking yoga classes, heard that helps too!


can you still have a baby.... how can you get rid of it completely... is there a way? what should i do? soes it give nerve problems....? thank you for answering... im so scared i fell like a murderer... i am afraid of dying... i don't see any reason why i should keep living if i can't have any husband or kids... i feel so disgusted... i don't even know how it happened... im so ashamed....and what is worst is it my holistic doctor who found out...and i had started going to her church...i feel so embarassed. all those times i have been going to several doctors they couldn't found out what was wrong... i feel so humiliated... im afraid to shake somebody's hand... i don't what to do... I feel so suicidal...its easy for othr people to have hope... they have nothing to be ashamed the same time i don't want to die. but i have no husband or kids.. and i won't be able to have any... please write me ok ... please tell me what to do....

ms understanding

I found out I had it two years ago. I had what was like little paper cuts and it itched a little. Then got a cold sore, so I went to my doctor he what told me what it was. I did lab work and it confirmed it. I cried and didnt understand, I always go to the doctor and get tested. I was angry with my boyfriend, I felt like my life was over how could I be with someone else and have to tell the next guy. One of my other doctors told me 'So what if you have it or not, there are so many people with it. It's not life threatening, so most doctors dont worry about it and its very common.' After that I did some research and I did feel better. Plus I realized my outbreaks are not that bad. I just get red and itchy in the area, I dont get any pains or sores. But I would like a remedy for the itching. My boyfriend and I are still together, he was apologetic and we got threw it. We live our lives as we did before I found out.


Everyone please be positive I know its not going to easy, it hurts and your so sad and depressed. I KNOW I UNDERSTAND IM GOING THROUGH THE SAME PAIN. I KNOW, Its not going to be easy please find a support system, you will make it. its going to be painful, but its also not going away. There are ways to prevent OB, please do your research, this forum is very helpful and full of great remedies. Please PRAY, GOD IS IN CONTROL!!!!!


Your story is like mine. I am so glad I came across it. I had no idea I had gh. I had frequent irritations that were tested as bac vaginosis for 2 years. Finally had the breakout that you described with the sores in the middle between my anus and vulva with a big fissure cut. And was finally diagnosed. I still have frequent bacterial infections of some sort or another. I am also hpv positive which is probably not surprising although I do not know if the 2 are directly related. Anyway I didn't go to the doctor because I figured it was one of the normal irritations. It got bad. I never imagined anything like that. I was exhausted. I could not stand or sit. Peeing felt like knives. It look about 3 months to heal.i am on the oral medications. I have been reading some of what you all have bbeen doing and will c how it goes. Now I only get 1 sore at a time. But seems to initiate after the friction of sex. No way of knowi. Whete this came from but I was devastated. I w a s bawling at the obgyn office. I have not told one single solitary person because of the shame. :(

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