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I have 3 essentail oils by DoTerra that I use for my allergies. Lavender, Peppermint and Lemon. Two small fever blisters started coming up and I dabbed the mix of these three oils (that I usually inhale) directly on the fever blisters. They did not get any bigger. Within 24 hours one was gone and the other is almost gone. I've never had any thing else work that fast.

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I just want to chime about using DoTerra oils. I love them. However, I thought I'd try their 'OnGuard' directly on a fever blister and it served to make it angrier. It's the worst fever blister I've had in years. I even followed up with Abreva which usually works and nothing. If I'd had Valtrax I'd have used it. So moral of story, don't use OnGuard on fever blisters!

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