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I had asthma when I was a child..after 35 years with no asthma, the asthma came back. The regular medicine is not for me, side effects are terrible...after try different natural treatment, this one was the best, I don't feel any asthma symptom anymore... PERFECT...fenu-thyme 3x times a day and respir ease tincture, 40 drops 3x times a day...second day no more asthma.Thank you God.

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In addition to the above I would also recommend taking at least 180 mL of dextromethorphan and 300 micrograms of d-lysergic acid diethylamide a day. I promise you'll forget you even have asthma!


pls tell where i can purchase this medicine 'fenu-thyme 3x'


You can find .fenu-thyme at


urdu main batain plz


Do you think these medicines are also good for kids , i have a 10 year old boy with asthma due to alergies , and when that time of theyear cames he gets very bad,


may i know the brand names of these medicines you're saying

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