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Sore throats are awful on top of a runny nose and a cough. Here is a wonderful remedy I use when I have a sore throat and works every time.

You need lime/lemon, honey, and cayenne pepper POWDER.

- Squeeze the lime/lemon juice out (I squeeze about half a cup)
- Pour a tablespoon of honey into the lime/lemon juice
- Add the cayenne pepper POWDER into the juice. You must add until the juice is pretty red/ Spicy enough that you can take it.

It will burn at first but I can guarantee that your sore throat will be gone and will be feeling better in minutes. Make sure it is not drunk on an empty stomach. Enjoy!

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what is cayene pepper powder


It's powder made from cayenne peppers. You can find it in the spice aisle of the grocery store.


This really works, thank you, thank you and thank you


Do you have to re-treat, if so, how often?


The ceyanne pepper really burns and already sore throat. I have diluted the mixture with warm water. Fingers crossed.


I use this everytime and it works!!! I also add a bit of crushed garlic to the mix and take about a tablespoon three times a day and i swear by it. Tastes awful and burns but it will cure u in a couple days and numb the throat

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