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I'm 20 years old, and contracted GH through my first boyfriend this year, actually in my first trimester, however I miscarried, perhaps because of having an outbreak. It was severe. I found out I was pregnant and had herpes in the same weekend. The pain was indescribable, but how all of you would understand. The discomfort and embarrassment was crazy. My boyfriend was supportive though. He didn't have GH, but carries the virus from cold sores that he has had since he can remember. Herpes was one of my biggest fears, and have had very few sexual partners, and no one night stands of the fear of contracting an STD. Well here I am with the virus, from the man I love and right away decided I'm NEVER going to let it get the better of me. In fact, i promised my self, as soon as I feel my next breakout, I'm not letting it get to the extent of the first one. So I did research, talked to doctors, got prescribed pills, and to be honest, I feel my boyfriend has been incredible. So for anyone who only just got herpes, find someone who will support and not judge you, or presume how else you got herpes. My partner actually suggested epsom salts before we saw anything on it. And we did it in a way non of you have described. So what we did was put 2 tsps of epsom salts in about 100mg of HOT water. Almost too hot to apply to your skin. we got cotton balls soaked and swobbed them onto each sore around my thigh and on my vagina. This caused some sort of discomfort, but quickly soothing. The next part was much more painful. Take a DIFFERENT cotton ball, soak it, and dab on the more oozing sores (prepare to squirm). Also wipe the discharge between your flaps and squeeze the balls into your vagina (prepare to squirm more). Never double dip the cotton balls back into the epsom water. Doing this 3 times a day without fail completely dried the lesions away within 3 days. it was amazing. the smell was normal, no other lesions popped up, oozing reduced until it stopped, and i was feeling myself again. it wasn't for another week perhaps that it was completely clear. This does burn them, but it's worth it. If you understand how a first outbreak feels, you'll be amazed at how quickly they went. I still took the medication for 2 weeks to make sure. I also still clean with epsom salts every now and then, just to keep it clean, but with only half a teaspoon.

I also never wore undies, slept in nighties and only wore long skirts and dresses during the day for a week, and cleaned then all the time. I showered 2x a day and washed my hands quite frequently (maybe too much).. also ate very green and didn't eat too much meat or processed foods. I also tried, my very very hardest, not to itch the lesions, to the point my eyes watered.

I also feel my attitude made them go faster. i didn't want them, I didn't give them a reason to stay. I believe the power of the mind is stronger than most people realise. I'm not saying don't take the medication, but Herpes thrives on weaker immunes and hormone changes. So I'm staying healthy. Taking vitamins, going for walks daily, keeping my mind occupied. They say not to eat chocolate.. but I could never stop doing that!! hehe.
Alcohol to a minimal now, which is sad for me, as I like the odd alcohol weekend binge, and since it's Winter in NZ, I'm staying warm.

So that's my advice.
Hope this helps. Stay positive!! Give herpes Hell, not the other way around.

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This was very encouraging, I just had my first initial outbreak and thought I was going to die, have been very depressed and sad about it, crying everyday. But my boyfriend whom I love dearly has been very supportive. He is negative. We don't know where I got it from. You're right we have to stay positive and live a healthy life. Thanks for your post.


Your message has really helped me this is something so new to me and I tried for so long to be careful of who I was sexually active with to prevent this kind of situation from happening but like we say things happen and you cant change them the good part is that my boyfriend is so helpful, supportive and caring that hes behind me all the way Ive sad, disappointed and unhappy since I found out but im gonna get my life in order so I wont be a statistic. The pain is unbearable and its hard not to be able to tell others what is really going on but I will do what you said is a good remedy an take it from there. Thank you...


What is the medicine that your taking up??? i can't tell my parents about it because they dont know that i already had sex, can please tell me? thanks


Thank you so much for that! Hands down the most helpful and encouraging thing I've read. I'm very nervous to see what my boyfriends test results are because I feel that could make all the difference as far as support goes! Thank you so much!


Author here: aciclovir 400 mg tablets. I've had a spear prescription handy and haven't needed to use it since my last outbreak. And i think if you're too scared to tell someone, you should write a diary, or even a blog or become super positive about a hobby, or something to take your mind off it - exercise would be best. Support is an incredible thing, that is my first advice, however, I don't know how strict your parents are, so only when your comfortable should you tell them. I told my boyfriend the minute I found out and told him he has to talk to the doctor with me. I told my dad a week later, and made him keep it from mum until I was ready.

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