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I have read a million remedies. But i tried a blackhead clearing scrub. Worked great! Salicylic acid killed it. It was cooling. Stopped the itch. And the scrubbers felt SOOOOO good.

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Thank you! I tried garlic and lotrimin lotion and I had little results. So then I tried a blackhead remover with salicylic acid and got results within hours. Thanks again.


Here I go wish me luck !


Just wanted to thank you for your submission. I reada salylic acid(sp?) And it was the only thing I had on hand at 3 am when the itching became unbearable. I tried it on a whim and due to where my ringworm is it burned like crazy. But an hour later and I feel like normal. No intense itching! I'm a pansy when it comes to itching, I can't keep from scratching. So thanks again! It seems to be helping!



There is data that supports an association between exposure to salicylic acid and Reye's Syndrome. The National Reye's Syndrome Foundation cautions against the usage of these substances, and other substances similar to aspirin, on children and adolescents.

So glad I bought the blackhead scrub:-)

I noticed a ringworm on my forehead a week ago and freaked out.

Thought it was disappearing then after wearing an old hat I like realized it looked like it was spreading.

I really freaked, after reading about the sylic acid. Went out and bought the blackhead scrub. Didn't know what to expect, but after 2 face washing the ringworm is dried out and disappearing.

I'm never wearing that stupid hat again.

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