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Wisdom from India

Organic Coconut Oil (in the consistency of Crisco grease). A little by mouth helps, but for instant relief, a small pinch up the rectum.

A sliver (the size of 1 or 2 peas) of an all natural soap up the rectum also works, and much better, but if used too often can cause problems of its own.

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How much do I give her in the mouth plz reply bk. If u can.asap


Used the soap sliver a lot during the potty training years (fighting to break the witholding cycle). Dooh-dooh on demand!


The soap sliver was given by my mom and aunt.

I remember us getting the sliver of soap a few times.

For those moms who have never given this remedy, it does not hurt. It works! Better than giving harsh laxatives.

I think we got the soap sliver or warm soapy water enemas until about 10 or so.

The warm water soapy enema is given with a small reusable child's enema bulb syringe.

When my mom or aunt asked when was last BM and she knew was two days or so, out came the soap bar or bulb syringe.

I remember her making a sliver of soap. Like a very small suppository. Put on table on back on a towel. She wetted the stick some on a bowl of warm water. Made it slippery to go in. Was told had to hold it in for a few minutes. Sometimes she held finger in to keep from slipping out. Very soon a BM! Taken to potty to go. Worked every time. Water enemas given same way.

Some times she gave it across her lap way on a towel.

Check with doctor before giving home remedies.


I have given my three children the soap stick remedy when I had nothing else to give. It worked every time was given. Once put it in wait few minutes and a BM will come.

A small enema is better than the soap stick.

I given mine a small enema with a 8 oz rubber enema bulb syringe. Can be used again and again. Clean after each enema with warm soapy water. Rinse the bulb with clear warm water. Then rinse with either alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. Air dry.

Always check with doctor before giving an enema.


Also gave the soap stick (sliver). It always worked!

Most of the time I give a small warm water enema. Use a small child’s rubber enema bulb syringe.

Placing the one needing a enema across my lap. Face down on tummy on a towel.

The enema does not hurt. Is NOT habit forming. Is soothing and relaxes.

He always feel better after getting a enema.

Better than giving harsh chemicals and laxatives.

The first ever enema may be hard to give. But later enemas are easier to give.

Buy a small bulb at local store. Wash it good with warm soapy water and rinse well with plain water. Air dry well.

Ask your doctor if giving a enema is ok.



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