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Okay so here's the deal, I'll start with a little bit about what I went through just so everyone can understand they're not alone in this. If you just want to know how I treated the warts scroll down a little bit for short precise instructions. A partner I was with 3 months prior told me he had genital warts...needless to say I got tested at planned parenthood the next day and at that point there were no warts visible. Papsmear must have come up negative for abnormalities because they never called me...basically a waste of 80 dollars because I definitely had genital warts! I shaved a week after my testing and noticed small bumps in two sections around my vagina. Obviously I was worried but I was in denial...thought it was razor burn. My bumps didn't look anything like the Google image pictures, but I've learned now that they all look kind of different. The bumps weren't getting any better so I tried the vinegar test, which also seemed to be a little inconclusive. Some seemed white, but maybe it was too soon for it to come up all the way. Anyway, that was enough for me to become very concerned so I decided to start researching genital warts and remedies. Honestly, this site was the most helpful. Through trial and error...making it a little better to making it a little one point much much worse, I'm actually really clearing up! After one day of doing this treatment I already had warts turning black and healing up. I'm so elated about this that I want to pay it forward and offer some advice. I hope this works for other people, but be mindful that there are many kinds of hpv, many kinds of treatments, and everyone responds to treatments differently.

So now to the important part, here's what you'll need:
-Apple Cider Vinegar, Heinz really is the best
-Gauze, cotton pads, cotton balls, or paper towels...whatever suits your fancy
-Medical tape
-Hydrogen Peroxide
-Tea Tree Oil
-Neosporin or Cortisone Cream (I recommend the cortisone cream)

First things first, make sure your area is clean...the vinegar will work much better on a clean surface.
1. Get the cotton soaked with ACV, but you don't want it dripping so squeeze some out.
2. Put the ACV anywhere there are warts/might be warts...I recommend using a compact mirror so you can really see what's goin on down there.
3. Tape it on
4. You're going to want to make sure you're free for a couple hours because this really works best if you can sit and apply pressure with your hands for at least an hour at a time. I used gloves because another post suggested it...definitely a good idea.
...I'll warn you. This burns like a fucker. Just keep in mind that the first 10 minutes you put it on are the most painful and from then on it starts to just turn into a dull pain. It helps to put on a tv show or movie that you like and take very deep breaths. (That's how I got caught up on Game of Thrones!)
5. Once your 1-2 hours is up, take everything off and examine to make sure you got everything white/grey.
6. Apply hydrogen peroxide to clean it all off.
7. Dab on a bit of Tea Tree Oil, I didn't think it burned too much but some say it does so you may want to mix it with a splash of olive oil.
8. Once it dries up, apply your Neosporin/ Cortisone Cream. This will help heal the warts and reduce any inflammation from the ACV.

If you can handle it, I also did an overnight treatment every other night...basically the same idea but you have to make sure it's really taped on.

Few other tips:
-Work out everyday--running, biking, yoga, whatever...just get your blood pumping!! It'll boost your immune system.
-Vitamins, vitamins, vitamins-- I think I'm at my healthiest right now because of these damn warts. I drank a smoothie with spinach, almond milk, and fruit every morning to pack in a punch of vitamins as soon as I woke addition to a daily multivitamin. I hear Vitamin A is one of the most important to help with cell turnover.
-Take pictures of your progress!--your mind can play tricks on you, it's so easy to see if you're improving when you can compare it to the day before...just make sure you can do it in a discrete manner. I doubt you want your warts on instagram.
-Dear Lordy please do not pick, pop, scratch, shave your warts! I know from experience...they will spread anywhere and everywhere if you mess around with them. When the warts are ready to come off...they will come off on their own!
-Relax!--I know how scary warts are obviously, but they can and will clear up, and aside from being unsightly they're pretty harmless. The happier and more relaxed you are the better your immune system will respond.

I know this is pretty long but I wanted to be as helpful as I can be, good luck everyone!

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Thanks so much for your input. I'm gonna give it a shot.

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