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Hivey Honey

When I was in Hawaii, I swam in the ocean every day for a week, and did not break out in hives at all during that time. I suspect the salt water bath and spending time in loose, cool clothing helped. I just tried the cold, wet towel compress method: it works like a dream in reducing inflammation. The itch went away like that.

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I have had hives for about 14 years but only in spurts. they come for a period of time and then go away as fast as they came. I have had a horrible case as of late for the past 2 months and while I don't know of any cures I do notice when I break out that cold showers and anything cold applied to the areas do help the itching and control it some. doesn't help when you are at work though which is when it breaks out the most since I can't get to a cold shower and my body is active and body temperature is higher because of the increased body activity.

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