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After having many sleepless nights due to restless legs, I tried rubbing them all over with Watkins Medicated Ointment, and it has been the only thing that works! I don't know if it's the tingling feeling or what, but it kills it every time.

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Sherry Clark

A lot of great comments. For those who of had bouts with cancer there are MD's all over the US that will not use radiation and chemotherapy. There are some doctors in Michigan that won't use chemotherapy or radiation and they also have articles that think that our lack of iodine is the basis of ALL disease. They also check your hormone levels, mineral levels and vitamin levels in the body. There are three kinds of iodine and one of them that is a form of iodine is potassium. There is also an antioxidant that wipes out ALL free radicals. I personally know five people who have used this antioxidant and they are cancer free now. The antioxidant is called Cantron. Cantron is also good for any dead, damaged and diseased cells in the body. There are also doctors throughout the US that use this instead of cancer treatment too. I must add the most important thing is that these remedies have been case by case combined with other remedies that will benefit the individual person. The comments about water is absolutely right on. Sips at a time especially when you eat food. If you are taking food supplements or medication before you eat with at least 8 ounces of water so that it can be swept into the digestive system and they will not be affected by the acid in the stomach and rendered neutral.

Mugabo - Minister of Heath, Nambanyka

There are doctors in Haiti that treat cardiac distress with chicken entrails. There are doctors in East Africa that use the body parts of albinos in a wide variety of remedies. It's only the rigid thinking of the western medical establishment and their anal fixation on actually making their patients better that is holding us back.

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