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I have had this problem on one foot for years. I decided to try something a bit crazy - when i was a young woman in the 1970's, we did not have access to fast, OTC yeast infection medications. Yeast infections are apparently fungal. There was a trick learned from other women - to buy yeast with active cultures and apply it to the affected area. It always made the itching go away quickly. I decided to try putting yogurt on my foot. To my complete amazement, i have been free of itching and burning for weeks! I put it on in the bathtub and left it on for about 10 minutes (even though the relief was instanteous). I did this a couple of times over about a week. I have not used one expensive cream or power in weeks. I would be interested in finding out if this worked for others.

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Yes, I suspect live yoghurt would be quite effective as I have used it a few times with thrush (which is also a yeast infection) and it works every time :)

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