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I got diagnosed with genital herpes today. I'd been experiencing discomfort whilst urinating for about a week and I thought it may have been a UTI. Went to the doctor and they confirmed I had a UTI.
About two days ago I noticed a bump, thought it was an ingrown hair. The next day they had multiplied and some had ulcerated. I then realised it may be herpes. Went to the hospital today and they confirmed my suspicions.
Do NOT think that condoms protect you because I have never had unprotected sex.
I'm not mad at any of my previous sexual partners because it wasn't their fault, or mine.
I have been given prescriptions for panadeine forte for pain relief and Aclovir for treatment.
I've also been using some natural remedies that I applied to my shingles when I had them earlier in the year.
Lysine supplements, Aloe Vera (fresh plant, Black tea bag (applied once cooled down to the area) and 100% chamomile oil.
This is my first outbreak and I hope it never comes back because it is absolutely horrible.
My partner has been nothing but supportive which makes me extremely happy and I love him so much for it.

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Just wanted to let you know that if you do have any more, they will be nothing like the first or second one. Still very hard for me to handle emotionally, (it's only been a year that I've known about mine) but physically it isn't much of a burden the few times it has come back and definitely no where bear the pain and amount as the first time.

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