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Do not use toothpaste while you have the sore.

Mix baking powder and salt 50/50. Dab a wet Q-Tip in it. Rub the Q-Tip on the sore until the white stuff is gone. It will probably bleed. Apply a piece of aloe vera directly on the sore for 20 minutes or so.

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This was the worst advice I have ever been given. Are you crazy! I did what you said and the white was gone and it did bleed a bit. Very painful but it would have been worth it if it worked! The next day I woke up and it was all white again and the pain was just the same as it was before I tried this treatment. What a waste and what a mess of pain for no reason.


Its meant to be Baking SODA and salt...Not B Powder!..for mouth ulcers. I just dab my finger in icing sugar, dab it on and its instant relief...different strokes for different folks ?

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