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I've had a boil for about 3 days. I've tried Prid, honey, warm salt baths and the egg membrane trick. Nothing was working. This morning I was in so much pain I was looking for anything else to try. I decided to try the toothpaste method. Literally within minutes the pain was gone. I used the arm and hammer with peroxide and baking soda. We'll see if this brings the core out, but as of now, I'm just happy there is no pain and I'm up and walking around.

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How do you do it? Do you just put the toothpaste on it and leave it on there?


Thank you... My wife tried this & her pain is gone.. Now date night is back on...


Thank you, I got a boil about twice a year and used baking soda with peroxide that is great it works!!! Thank you so much for you comment


Thanks so much for posting this remedy. I normally get boils if I use any antiperspirant and sometimes shaving. I was in so much pain I could hardly lower my arm. I used arm and hammer white toothpaste w/baking soda and vicks and almost immediately the soreness eased up. Not sure it will burst but it definitely eased the pain some so its bearable.

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