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I had a plantar wart on the ball of my left foot for about a year. I ignored it for about 8 months until the pain hit so bad I couldn't walk on the inside of my foot. I bought the dr. Sholls or whoever's do it yourself freeze away kit. It did not work at all! So I looked up some treatments and found the banana peel remedy. Supposedly the potassium in Banana peels soaks into your wart and kills it by the root. So I started putting squares of banana peels and placing it so the inside part of the peel was touching my wart. I covered it with a band aid and left it there over night. I did this for a few weeks and saw absolutely no difference which was disheartening since I refused to go to the doctor. I messed around with duct tape and all the other things that that are supposed to work but are a waste of time. After a while I started up again with the banana peel out of curiosity to see if something so simple would work. Every night I up a piece of banana peel on my foot and just waited. I did this for a few more weeks and still didnt see a whole lot of change except for the pain wasn't so bad anymore! Eventually I stopped after the pain completely went away and didnt pay much attention to it. I left it alone and pretty soon every single wart was gone!!!! I couldn't believe it!! Months later they haven't came back and there are no scars! So if you are having a tough time, give the simple banana peel a shot, it worked for me!!!!!!!

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My 3 year old son had a planter wart and a friend who was a GP recommended the banana peel treatment, as he was too young for acid, any cryo treatments or slicing it off. We cut a small bit of the skin and placed it skinside down on the wart and secured it with some micro-pore tape. We did one at night after his bath and one in the morning. After 3 weeks the wart literally peeled off !!!

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