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Okay I know most people would like a relatively quick and simple quick and I have a few things to offer. First I would like to say I had medium acne. The real problem is that I have sensitive dry skin that scars so easily. So the first thing that I have found helps with the acne is a toner which I have made of a half cup of witch hazel, a half cup of water, and a fourth cup of lemon juice. To this I added a few drops of Vitamin E oil. For the scarring I have been making a paste with baking soda and water. I usually do this three times a week leaving it on for ten minutes. The results from this have been astounding my scars have cleared up some after only one week and it helps with redness as well. I usually I apply the toner after I use the baking soda. The most useful tip I have though is using Vitamin Oil as a spot correcter. It really works, I usually see results the next day. If anything I would definitely look into using Vitamin E oil.

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