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I'm guessing by reading all of this, nothing has changed in 58 years except people will try anything. I always went to both my grandparents and played in the woods, garden, fields and sheds (nothing has changed except that I am now the grandparent). Chiggers, ticks and fleas were and still are a nusence. First get rid of the hitch hikers, bath in warm water w/vinegar (I like apple cider and I use a min. of a pint/tub). Then when the bites become noticeable, apply Campho-Phenique (I like the oil, but the gell works too). I use a qtip and apply twice so it absorbs in. Generally once a day until the bumb goes away will do, but morning and evening will keep you from looking ridiculous as you try to scratch some of the locations bugs will bite you. Read up on Campho-Phenique and you will want it in your medicine cabinet for many things. Use a deet insect repellant to reduce the chances of getting bit, but be prepared any way, as those little buggers will find a way to get to your cracks and crevices.

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