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This isn't so much as a remedy as it is a preventive! After you've gotten rid of the lice than use a shampoo called Fairy Tale Shampoo! It is a a wonderful thing! It doesn't have a overly medicated smell but I just mix it with my kids an my own shampoo and that covers up any medical type smell. They also have a spray and a hair gel. The spray is great for their coat collars and back packs. I'm kicking myself because I ran out of the shampoo for a few weeks and learned real quick how well it really works! The girls got it from a neighbor :(

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Where did you get the fairy tale shampoo?


ulta sells it


All you need is cetaphil face wash and a nit comb. Put the lice bugs in hot water as you pull them out and the nits on some paper and tape them to the paper when done. Load the hair up with the face wash and carefully comb thru with nit comb. If you have a hair Straightener use that afterwards or a hair dryer on highest setting. I was a nurse in a peds office and this is what we recommended.

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