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I ran across this site today as I was searching for cures for my hives. I have had three outbreaks in the last three years. The first was stress related and lasted a little over a year, the second only a few weeks and currently I've been fighting a hives outbreak for about four months. Like many of you, I have my good days and bad days. Today I'm covered from my neck to my knees because I haven't taken anything except Zyrtec and Claritin for the past two days. What I found works the best for me is taking 800 mg of Cimetidine (Tagament) three times a day. Tagament originally was used for helping with heat burn but doctors found that it is a very effective anti-histamine that works through your stomach. I take this in combination with hydrocortisone tables 15-20mg daily, Zyrtec in the am and Claritin in the evening. I also take 2000mg of Vitamin C, Omega 3 capsules twice a day, pro-bio tics, a double dose of prescription grade multivitamins and vitamin D3. This seems like a lot but does a pretty good job of controlling my hives. My outbreak today is because I was trying to ween myself off of some of the medications. Also, one thing I experience is that I get a feeling of a lump in my throat combined with heartburn just before a major outbreak. Not sure why, but it is a definite indicator that trouble is coming.

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Wow, I get that same feeling the lump feeling and it seems like bad heart burn! I just had a bad out break due to the flu. Had to go to the er they gave me 50mg of benadrly and steroids.


My doctor told me to take zantac every day, because that Lump feeling you described is daily for me, along with hives. I'm still working on it... ugh!

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