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One day I thought there was something in my ear so I put my finger in my ear and tried to get it out, afterwards my ear felt like it was plugged. What helps is if you take your middle and pointer finger, put it on the part of your ear above where you get your ears pierced, above the pinna and rub in circles for about a minute, this may tickle but it made my ear unplugged for the rest of the day

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It really works thanks

it works

OMG thank u thank thank u
i've having this issue since morning for hours after hours
God Bliss you, and may God reward u with heavn


Totally worked. Have tried multiple things, even after a doctors visit. Thanks!


It really does work me eat was clugged up all night so I look it up and tried it and it worked thanks so much !


what part of the ear do you rub? Why two fingers? I have had a plugged ear for over a month after traveling to Denver and the Rocky Mountains. No pain but reduced hearing and clogged feeling in ear.

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