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Hello. Im 18 and ive had my stretch marks for a few months. Mine are still a redish color. When discovered i was getting stretch marks i tried just about every remedy possible. I exercise, exfoilate, and mositurize my skin daily. It seemed like no matter what though nothing was working. My self confidence suddenly went down the drain and i no longer felt confident in my oen skin. Ive read a bunch of comments about 13 and 14 year old girls getting them and i feel so bad for u not being able to fully enjoy ur child hood so i really hope this helps because this is the one thing that seems to be helping the apperance of mine. Mine were redish and not super deep but kinda deep endentions. The firstvthing i do is mix olive oil with either coffee grounds or white sugar and then add in a little vitamin e oil abd lemon juice. Then i rub it in on my marks and let it sit for 30 mins. Then i rinse off in the shower and i use a bath brush which is doing wonders for my skin. Once out the shower ill rub lemon juice into my marks. This is optional. Beware that depending on how hard u scrub with the bath brush rubbing lemon juice on may burn slightly. Then i rub a 100% coco butter stick on the areas needed and then add a little cream with vitamin e. It will take some time and im still working on mine and still have a ways to go but im getting there and feeling a little better each day so good luck ladies and i hope this works.

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hello, im 11 and i have stretch marks. I've tried every possible remedy but it hasn't worked Ive been on hardcore diets and lost weight and i've exercised. i'll give this one a try. i dont want to start high school with these disgusting marks


I know hun. I really hope this helps. U gotta find whats right for ur skin. Like some people say palmers is good and some say bio oil is but i havent had any luck with those. I find the home remedies work best. I have another one that is pretty good u could try. Mix baking soda and water. U less water than baking soda. Few drops of lemon juice and a teaspoon of mosturizing cream. Good luck and if u have any questions just ask.


Hi I have had stretch marks since I was like 9 I think it's because I'm growing too fast and I'm 13 now and i hate going swimming because they are noticeable I'm getting the on my upper arms and I'm worried I won't be able to wear anything cute im too fat I need too lose weight but does this actually work and how long does it take thank you


It did work for me. Im still working on mine though. They are not completely gone but they look better than they did a few months ago. It will take a while. It wont happen over night as much as i wish it would but it did work for me. However different things work and do not work with people. Its all about finding whats right for u.


Plz d lemon juice is it normal drinking juice and the mosturizing cream is there any paticular one


too all of you girls out there who are there who are struggling with stretch marks.. ive struggled so much with them lately they made me so uncomfortable and self conscious.. im 13 and i felt so out of place.. even get dressed in the locker rooms was sooo intimidating and in one night i pretty much cleared up all of my stretch marks! i had them on my hips and they were deep purple and red and super noticeable so i found an amazing home idea that cleared them up over night! i just found some old vicks vapor rub i had in the closet and rubbed it all over all my marks then put a piece of cling wrap all the way around my hips then put on tight leggings and left it on overnight and when i woke up! POOF gone!hope this helps(:


Actually redish stretch marks have got many different remedies(so dont worry about it). But you cant remove white stretch marks. So dont let it change to white and begin remedy. I offer ELANCYL stretch mark cream_gel. Dont forget about conditioning your body with lotions or natural oils and also massage. Pay attention to your skin! ;)

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