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Hi, I know what you guys in pain on this thing. I have a remedy to share. Though I am not sure which one that works but I get better from it, I'm not going to go back one step to see which one really that works, between using medical marijuana or eating avocado regularly. I am more confident on avocado oil.

Lately after I bought a whole bag of avocados and ate them regularly I feel pain my anus. I found that it's the process of loosing of its structure. The oil when it passes through the bowel coat and heal the wart area naturally. But if you don't like the taste you can try to blend it and apply inside your anus.

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the help

o my god ok u can stop every thing ur doing right no and go to and buy the lube called carrageenan person lube.. ok cheap will work spread the word 2 days or less..

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