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I had a severe tooth ache a few years ago, and I tried everything to get rid of the pain, and nothing I did worked. When I was finally able to get to a dentist, ( I didn't have the money to pay for a dentist but thank to resources I found a community clinic for free dental work) and a dentist is the only way you can fix a tooth..... The dentist I got told me ' the next time you have tooth pain, rinse with peroxide twice a day for a week even if it stops the pain.' he told me that it's a lil secret most dentists won't tell you because it would make them loose money on visits.... So, what you do is take an Aleve, you can take 2 the first time and one ever time after that, when the pain is dull and/or stops, brush your teeth, rinse with peroxide keeping it on the infected area focus on the area for a minute FYI it tastes kind of grose but worth it, spit the peroxide out DO NOT SWALLOW IT..... Then rinse with mouth wash preferably listerine but if you don't have any then water is fine. Repeat twice a day for a week and I still rinse once a day. I have bad teeth because I'm anemic and I smoke..... It works! Try it! I don't have tooth aches anymore! And brush often, floss often, and keep food particles out of broken areas. :)

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