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This works super fast. With in half a hour i was pain free and cankersores were gone next day!! Take a swig of pickle juice. Swish it around in your mouth. Then I took a slice of dill pickle and put it between my lip and gum right on the cankersores i had in my mouth and instant relief. No more pain. Don't waste your time with pain full salt in the wounds or expensive overthecounter stuff that doesn't work.

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im swishing as we speak. i work at home taking call for tech support and usually would have to call in but I'm trying this now will let yall know in a bit


the pickle juice is sustaining me. I'm going to buy Alum this morning to see if I can get rid of these FOUR painful huge ulcers now. one under my tongue alon gmy gum, one that covers the inside of my upper lip (thumb print size, one that run Long along the edge up my upper gum, and a random tiny one on the right corner of inside of my lip.


My daughter has one on the inside of her lip I am going to try this pickle juice I pray this works.. somebody pray this works for my little girl can go back to school she is in pain..


Thanks - works great


I've justr tried it. So far so good, I held the pickle in place over the sore for just over a minute


My son was in pain, and tried swishing the pickle juice around, and now says it hurt briefly a bit but now, no pain. Thank you so much for sharing this remedy!

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